Finding Consistency In Your Brand

Nov 14, 2023

Do you know that consistency in your brand image is important, but aren’t sure where to start?

Today, we’re getting into WHY it’s so important to have consistent branding photos & what consistent branding photos can do for your business. 

Read on…

How Do You Want Your Business To Be Portrayed?

You know those businesses that just ooze style and authenticity through every image they share? Well, they’ve probably nailed the art of brand photography.

Think about iconic brands like Coca-Cola or Apple. Their logos and imagery are consistently recognizable. By having a consistent brand photo style, you’re working your way toward creating an unforgettable brand that sticks in people’s minds long term. You want them to spot your content from a mile away! 

Just like a firm handshake and a warm smile leave a lasting first impression, your brand photos serve as the digital equivalent. The first time a potential client or customer lands on your website or social media, they’re met with your visuals. What do you want them to see? 

How Often Should I Update My Brand Photos?

Just like trends, your business evolves, and so should your brand imagery.

What worked for you a year ago might not fully capture the essence of your brand today.

As your business grows, pivots, or introduces new products and services, your brand photos should reflect these changes! Aim to update your brand photos at least every 1-2 years for if you’ve had significant changes or branding switches.

It’s truly up to YOU to know when your business needs updated branding photos – YOU know your business better than anyone!

Where Do You Implement Your Brand Photos? 

You have finally taken your branding photos and are so excited to use them…But where do you start?

Let these photos serve as a virtual “hello!” to your audience. Use them to revamp your website, social media pages, print marketing materials, & digital marketing materials!

Start by highlighting them on your website. Check out my client Shelby McQueeney’s website – Her personality SHINES through the screen.

The most important thing about taking these photos is putting them in places where your audience will see them. Is your audience more in touch with social media? Or do they prefer email? Do they respond well to free newsletters? Get to know your audience and find out what platform they most and take advantage of it by utilizing your branding photos!

Now… It’s Time To Update Your Branding Photos!

Your pictures speak volumes, and in the fast-paced (and some-what overstimulating) world of social media and content marketing, visuals are your secret weapon. Consistent brand photos not only tell your story but also help you connect with your audience on a deeper level right from the first click. Think about the emotions, values, and personality you want to convey & trust that a photographer (AKA me) will bring that vision to life! 

Better yet, trust is the cornerstone of any successful brand-customer relationship!

When you maintain consistency in your branding, it shows your audience reliability and professionalism. It shows that you’re here for the long haul and committed to delivering the same level of quality in your services.

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Thanks for reading, catch you soon <3



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