What Location Is Right For Your Branding Photos?

Dec 5, 2023

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One of the BIGGEST questions I get as a photographer is about choosing a location for your branding photos… On-Location vs. Studio – which backdrop is set to steal the show for your brand?

Spoiler alert… Both are fantastic, but let’s look at which style might be the perfect fit for your brand’s personality and goals!

On-Location Shoots:

If your brand vibe screams authenticity and thrives on the unexpected, on-location is where you should be. Capture the REAL you in your natural habitat, bringing an authentic, relatable touch to your visuals.

These photos tell a story, adding layers to your brand and creating a visual journey for your audience to relate to! Embrace the craziness of changing weather, unexpected props, and the energy of the environment, adding a fun & dynamic flair to your branding photos.

On-location shoots also offer a HUGE variety of backdrops. From cityscapes and nature havens to quirky urban spots, your brand gets to play in a real-world playground of visuals! 

Studio Shoots:

If your brand’s story is best told without the hustle and bustle of the outside world, a studio setting is best for your shoot.

No unexpected photobombers, just you and your brand, stealing the show. Studio photos show your audience a consistent aesthetic…perfect for brands with a sleek, refined image! It’s the ideal setting to showcase your brand with a clean & cohesive visual identity.

And who doesn’t love some fun? Studios provide the perfect playground for creative experimentation. Play with props, lighting setups, and backdrops to craft visually stunning, eye-catching images that stand out in the digital crowd!

So… Which Should You Choose?!

Deciding between on-location and studio is like choosing your brand’s favorite color…it’s deeply personal and depends on what feels right for you! Whether you’re a newbie or a polished pro, your photoshoot setting sets the stage for your brand’s visual story. 

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It all boils down to your brand personality, goals, and the story you want to tell. Maybe it’s the urban hustle of on-location shoots or the refined elegance of a studio setup – or maybe a mix of both!

That’s all for today folks. If you’re ready to take some updated branding photos for this season, head to my website to get started!



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