Preparing for Your Branding Photoshoot: What to Bring for Picture-Perfect Results 

Dec 21, 2023

Hey all, I’m back! & even better…It’s my FAVORITE time of year – the holidays!

When it comes to branding sessions, it’s better to be over prepared versus under prepared. 

Since it’s time to start thinking about refreshing your branding photos for the new year, we’re digging into what you should bring with you to your branding session with me! 

Read on…

Wardrobe Essentials

First impressions matter, and your visual identity is often the first encounter your audience has with your brand. Create a collection of outfits that reflect your brand personality!

This will empower you to create different looks that align with your brand’s diverse offerings. Reinvent your brand image, experiment with styles, and let each outfit communicate a distinct element of your brand’s values!

Whether that be a colorful power suit, a cozy sweater, or a neutral flowy dress, let your outfit showcase your brand in the way YOU want. 

It’s also pretty fun to play dress-up 😉 


Your brand has a unique vibe, and inspiration serves as the secret sauce to encapsulate that energy! Bring mood boards, color palettes, and visual references from your research to guide the shoot in the direction that resonates with your brand’s personality.

Your photographer (AKA me) is your creative ally. Sharing your inspirations creates a collaborative energy, allowing all of us to be on the same page and work together to bring your brand vision to life!

Some great places to look for inspiration for your branding sessions are simply scrolling through the explore pages on Pinterest, Instagram!

Prepping inspiration before-hand will only make the session run smoother.

The Extras 

Nothing is worse than getting your hair perfectly curled only to have the wind take all of your hard work away. 

Life will throw us curve balls & that’s inevitable. But, you CAN be prepped for situations like this. Throw anything you’d need to touch up your hair, makeup, or clothing, so that your session can remain stress-free, even if things don’t go as planned. 

Your branding photo session is an opportunity to showcase the heart and soul of your brand! By bringing the right mindset, tools, and attitude, you’ll not only create stunning visuals but also capture your authentic branding. 

That’s it for today folks! If you’re ready to schedule your yearly branding session, head to my website and book your 2024 branding session today! 



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