What Type Of Session Is Right For Your Branding Photoshoot?

Mar 6, 2024

Can you believe it’s almost FEBRUARY?! I know I can’t. 

I’m back again today with a topic I’ve been looking forward to talking about…Finding which type of session is right for your branding photoshoot! 

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur, established business owner, or a creative soul ready to highlight your brand, choosing the right type of photoshoot session is key to capturing the authenticity of your brand.

Branding Session 

A full-fledged branding session is ideal for those of you looking for a powerful visual narrative. This session is designed to dive DEEP into your brand story, values, and personality. It includes a mix of headshots, product shots, and lifestyle images that authentically represent your brand. 

Branding sessions are perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and anyone eager to showcase the essence of their brand in a dynamic and compelling way.

Lifestyle Session 

For those who want to capture the heart and soul of their brand in a more relaxed and candid setting, a lifestyle shoot is the way to go! 

This session focuses on REAL, everyday moments that resonate with your audience. Whether it’s showcasing your work environment, team dynamics, or behind-the-scenes moments, a lifestyle shoot brings a new layer of authenticity to your brand, creating a personal connection with your audience.

Mini Session

Short on time or not ready for a larger investment but still craving stunning visuals?

A mini session might be the perfect fit.

Ideal for updating your professional headshots or capturing a specific campaign, this condensed session gives you high-quality results without the time commitment of a full photoshoot! It’s a great option for individuals or businesses looking for a quick refresh to their brand images.

How to Choose?

First, consider the nature of your business, your goals, and the message you want to tell your audience. Are you launching a new product, sharing a day in the life of your team, or simply in need of updated headshots? 

Each session type offers unique benefits, ensuring that your brand’s visual identity aligns effortlessly with your branding objectives.

We understand that the thought of a brand photoshoot can be overwhelming, but we approach every session with a focus on making it enjoyable, relaxed, and stress-free. Through our lens, we create captivating images that genuinely reflect your true essence and what you’re all about.

Sounds perfect right? 
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